Welcome to the Homeward Bound Villages blog! We are delighted that you’ve visited our blog page to learn more about us and the work we do in our community. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to create community through affordable housing. We believe that everyone deserves access to safe, stable, and affordable homes. Across the United States, there is a significant shortage of affordable housing. This is an ongoing crisis that affects millions of individuals and families nationwide. This issue is particularly prevalent in La Porte County, Indiana, where the need for affordable housing has grown exponentially due to the influx of new industries in the area. 

Despite the increasing demand, the construction of new homes and rental units in La Porte County has been slower than in surrounding counties, exacerbating the already dire situation. As a result, many residents struggle to find safe, stable, and affordable places to live, often forced to choose between paying for housing and other essential expenses like food, healthcare, and education. This lack of affordable housing not only impacts the well-being of individuals and families but also hinders the overall economic growth and stability of the region. 

Addressing this crisis requires a concerted effort from local government, businesses, and community organizations to prioritize the development of affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of La Porte County’s growing population. This is where Homeward Bound Villages comes into effect, as we recognize this dire need in our area and work to provide solutions to affordable housing in an innovative way.

Homeward Bound’s villages are affordable rental home communities built on a cooperative community model that has proven successful in similar communities across the United States. This model is crucial in fostering a sense of belonging, inclusivity, and shared responsibility among our residents. We aren’t just building homes. We are building resilient, successful villages that benefit the entire region.

As an organization, we are committed to ensuring that our homes remain forever affordable. We understand the challenges that many individuals and families face in finding affordable housing, and we work tirelessly to provide sustainable and accessible solutions. As an organization, we commit to ensuring that our communities remain affordable for the most vulnerable in our communities forever. 

Second, we prioritize inclusivity. Our communities are designed to welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of their background or age. We believe that diversity is a strength and that by creating inclusive communities, we can promote understanding, empathy, and mutual support among our residents.

Third, we operate on a cooperative living approach, which sets us apart from other models of affordable housing in our area. This means that our residents are not just passive recipients of housing but active participants in shaping their communities. Through shared decision-making, collective initiatives, and a spirit of collaboration, we empower our residents to have belonging in their living environment and work together towards common goals.

As we move forward, we are excited to announce that we will focus on communication and community engagement. We recently launched a brand new website, this blog, and expanded our presence on social media channels. These platforms will serve as valuable tools for sharing our story, showcasing our impact, and engaging with our supporters and stakeholders. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get regular updates. 

In the coming weeks and months, we will use our blog to explore the issues surrounding affordable housing, highlight the incredible work being done within our community, and provide updates on our project, Karwick Village, located in Michigan City. We’ll share success stories, explore innovative solutions, and provide insights into the challenges and opportunities we face as an organization.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re a concerned community resident, a prospective future resident, a potential partner, or simply someone who shares our passion for creating community through affordable housing, we welcome your support and engagement. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our blog, sign up for our monthly newsletter and stay tuned for exciting updates and opportunities to get involved.

Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive, and more sustainable community – one home at a time.

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