A Month in the Life: The Reality of Being Rent-Burdened in La Porte County

Today, we want to give a fictionalized account of what many of our neighbors in La Porte County face on a monthly basis. The truth is this account is representative of so many of our neighbors in our communities across La Porte County. We hope that this illustrates the struggles that individuals are facing in […]

An Interview with Homeward Bound Co-Founder Leigh Coburn

Today, we want to introduce you to someone very special to our organization, one of our co-founders Leigh Coburn. Recently, Leigh took the time to answer a few questions for this post. We invite you to read Leigh’s story and how he came to co-found Homeward Bound Villages. Can you tell us about your background […]

The Far-Reaching Health Consequences of Housing Insecurity

Across this country, housing insecurity continues to grow as a pressing issue with housing expenses on the rise across the country. Many La Porte County residents know firsthand the devastating impact that housing insecurity has on the health and well-being of individuals and families across our community. As Homeward Bound Villages works to develop affordable […]